Water Resource Management: Navigating Conservation, Floods, and Drought

CASE is your go-to source for water resource management information, dedicated to empowering Central Texas utility and special districts.

Discover innovative strategies for water conservation

In our commitment to sustainability, we provide essential tools and insights for effective water conservation, flood mapping, and drought resilience. Optimize water usage within your district with the latest advancements and expert advice.

CASE equips you with detailed flood maps, cutting-edge mapping tools, and data to enhance preparedness to help safeguard your community against potential threats. Navigate periods of water scarcity proactively with our resources on drought maps and resilience strategies, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools needed to implement sustainable solutions.

At CASE, we recognize the pivotal role water plays in community well-being. Explore our resources to bolster your district’s commitment to responsible water management and build a sustainable and resilient future for Central Texas.


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