At CASE, we understand the pivotal role that legislation plays in shaping the landscape of Central Texas utility and special districts

Empowering Through Education

To empower our members with the knowledge they need, we offer a suite of resources through continuing education workshops and publications. Our carefully curated workshops delve into the intricacies of current legislation, providing practical insights and ensuring our members stay abreast of regulatory changes. Additionally, our publications serve as valuable references, offering in-depth analyses and expert perspectives on legislative developments. By engaging with these resources, our members gain a nuanced understanding of the legislative environment, empowering them to navigate challenges and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of their districts. At CASE, we believe that knowledge is the key to effective advocacy, and we are committed to providing the tools our members need to thrive in an ever-changing legislative landscape. Explore our continuing education workshops and publications to stay informed and empowered in your role within Central Texas utility and special districts.

ABHR's 88th Legislature Capitol Report

Omnibus Water district bill

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