CASE Event Recap
TCEQ Conservation Expert speaks to CASE
TCEQ Water Conservation Specialist Scott Swanson addresses CASE

"In 50 years, Texas will have twice as many people and about half the water available for agriculture."

That's the sobering fact that TCEQ Water Conservation Specialist Scott Swanson relayed to attendees at the CASE Spring Breakfast. Swanson had been invited by the Association as part of a targeted effort on the part of the CASE Board of Directors to familiarize the group with state regulating entities.

Swanson, who has been with the Commission for 13 years, stressed the delineation between water conservation and drought contingency planning. Water conservation "isn't reacting," Swanson said, "It's something that we should be doing every day." Swanson noted that drought contingency activities are concerned with "telling people they can't use water as they otherwise would have" during exigent circumstances. Swanson discussed the fact that every public water system was required to have a drought contingency plan, but that there was no requirement to have a conservation plan, crating a "cart without a horse" situation.

Swanson discussed the recent 2011 drought and the fact that the state had received half of the expected rain for the year. Swanson told the attendees that 87% of the state had been in extreme, D4 (highest level) drought and that the area had "lucked out" with the recent spring rains. Swanson concluded his presentation by taking questions from the audience and reiterating the need for water systems to have conservation plans as a companion to drought contingency plans.

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