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CASE 2012 Summer Conference

Kick-off Event
The official CASE Conference kicked off poolside at 6:30 where everyone enjoyed heavy hors d'oeuvres and entertainment from the band 'Mixed Bag.' It was a long day for many so we called it an early night to ensure everyone could be bright eyed and ready for the Keynote Speaker 'Captain America: The First Avenger' Senator Glenn Hegar.

Friday’s Keynote Speaker
Captain America faced a full house of eager CASE members as he delivered an entertaining and engaging keynote address under his alias Texas Senator Glenn Hegar during the opening educational sessions. Laughter rang out as he delivered a few punch lines and brought all of us into focus.

Dressed in an official Captain America Logo 'T' shirt, swim suit and flip flops, Senator Hegar felt at home as he explained the pros and cons of being a Senator and discussed the challenges we all face on effectively having and using water, oil, and other natural resources. He explained the hierarchy of Texas Water Rights and difficulties of determining and delivering to who gets what and when. We all learned what a Texas Water Master is and that not all water regions have such a master. There were more questions than time allowed; and all of us surely appreciated a chance to get to know Texas Senator Glenn Hegar, a true Captain America. Keynote recap provided by Past CASE President Richard D. Fadal.

Friday’s Keynote Speaker Friday’s Keynote Speaker
Friday’s Keynote Speaker Friday’s Keynote Speaker
Friday’s Keynote Speaker

Saturday's Keynote Speaker
As the keynote speaker for the Saturday sessions, Carlos Rubenstein (Iron Man) provided a very interesting and insightful look at the challenges facing the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in the coming years. The importance of preserving our water resource is paramount to the TCEQ, as more demands are made by a growing population and the infrastructure required to support it. Carlos talked about the current status of water rights for existing use versus the new demands for a limited resource. If the water supply continues to dwindle, Carlos stated that some water rights holders may not have the necessary water needed for their operations. The TCEQ looks at seniority when it comes to water, and those less senior may be cut off in times of extreme drought. Carlos then talked about creating a water master initiative state wide to resolve critical water issues. This process had been used in the Valley for years with good success. Carlos discussed that the water master program is just one tool the TCEQ needs to manage a limited water supply with a growing demand. Carlos then had a Q&A session immediately after his presentation, answering questions on additional water-related issues. Keynote recap provided by CASE President Keith Young.

Check out the full bio on Commissioner Carlos Rubenstein.

Saturday's Keynote Speaker Saturday's Keynote Speaker
Saturday's Keynote Speaker

A big ‘thank you’ to all of the 2012 CASE presenters:
Dark Knight: "Legislature: Interim Charges and Preview" - Billy Phenix
X-Men: "Working with HOAs" - Jim Emmons and Tanya Emmons, Pinnacle Texas Management
Superman: "Bookkeeping 101" - Autumn Phillips, Municipal Accounts and Consulting
Mystery Men: "Restrictive Covenants: Architectural Control Committees" - Mike Howe, Wells Branch Architectural Control Committee
The Rocketeer: "Bond Ratings/Criteria for a Good Rating" - Andy Hobbs and Keaton Hoppe, Moody’s Investors Service
Spiderman: "Annexation" - John Joseph and Pamela Madere, Coats Rose Yale Ryman & Lee
Thor: "Drought Preparedness: Climatological Outlook" - Jeff Lindner, Meteorologist
The Green Lantern: "Drought Preparedness: Conservation Plans/Initiatives" - David Klein, Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend
Daredevil: "Drought Preparedness: Wildland Fires" – Lexi Maxwell, Texas Forest Service
The Incredible Hulk: "Single-Stream Recycling" - Ryan Beard, Texas Disposal Systems

Saturday wrapped up with:
Pass the Mic: Member Q&A Discussion on CASE issues.
Pass the Mic
Pass the Gavel: Installation of the new CASE Board.
Pass the Gavel Pass the Gavel
Pass the Hat: A special tribute to David L. Harper. Donations were collected for the Williamson County Humane Society.
Pass the Hat Pass the Hat


View other available CASE 2012 Presentations:
Mystery Men: Restrictive Covenants: Architectural Control Committees(.pptx) - Mike Howe, Wells Branch Architectural Control Committee
Thor: Drought Preparedness: Climatological Outlook(.ppt) - Jeff Lindner, Meteorologist
The Rocketeer: Bond Ratings/Criteria for a Good Rating(.ppt) - Andy Hobbs and Keaton Hoppe, Moody’s Investors Service

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