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Legislative update
with CASE

The Legislative Session of 2015 is now history.

Hope everyone’s summers were relaxing and school starts went smoothly!

On Tuesday, August 25th, Allen Boone Humphries Robinson (ABHR) LLP delivered their 84th Texas Session Capitol Report and recap on the highlights of the 2015 session. Trey Lary, a partner at ABHR, delivered the remarks and opened with a brief recap of legislative happenings. Humorously touching base on topics that received the most public attention during session, like gun control measures, the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use, and daylight savings time, Mr. Lary transitioned into a broader theme that was audibly present this past legislative session: transparency.

Trey highlighted House Bill 1378, saying it embodies “common sense transparency.” After briefly explaining the measure, he said the bill will essentially require the comptroller’s office to publish copies of reviewed and filed audits through an online database that will be available to everyone in Texas.

Lary continued on, noting that ethics reform was named one of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s five emergency items and another highly discussed topic this session. Lary mentioned that the legislature didn’t pass ethics reforms for senators and representatives, but rather for local government officials. HB 23 and HB 1295 were covered, both of which Lary told audience members to expect to hear more from their district attorneys regarding new requirements from water district officials.

Next on the list of items discussed was the set of open government bills that passed, all receiving good marks from Lary himself. HB 685, Lary said, was important in that it will keep personal information of utility customers confidential.

Bonds, bond elections, and the amount of debt - all of which play into the bigger picture of transparency - were also hot topics at the Capitol, according to Lary. Forecasting the 85th Legislative session, Lary said the discussion regarding bond elections and ballots will be at the forefront of the conversation.

Stay tuned for our next membership breakfast date and speaker announcement. Due to the increase in CASE membership in Southwestern Travis County and Hays Co, we are going to head south for our next breakfast!

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